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You will not find a better policy for a better price, or we pay your premium! 

Our Objective:

Lower your monthly premium and/or offer you better coverage. 



The insurance protection you need and trust to work for you:

  • Health Insurance – Get the right insurance coverage for yourself or family or groups.

  • Custom plans, designed for your specific needs. Including however not limited too; pregnancy, child only, spouses, families, individuals, businesses, private, public, marketplace, Obamacare, non-marketplace and non-Obamacare



  • Even if your employer offers you coverage, an individual plan could still be the best option for you. Additionally, dependent coverage through your employer may not always be the most affordable option either.

  • Customizing your coverage is essential as health insurance is not a “one size fits all” type of product. Therefore, a licensed agent will assist you in determining what will work best for your situation. With all the different deductibles options and product designs, choosing the right plan could be difficult and our mission is to simplify this process.

  • No penalties

  • Available 365 days a year 

Dental/Vision/Hearing coverage for all ages up to 85 years of age.

  • Basic dental, cleanings, x-rays, root canals, extractions, partials, etc. 

  • Orthodontics

  • Vision exams, glasses, contacts

  • Hearing tests, hearing aids​


  • We did the homework for you as we understand just how frustrating the search for affordable dental insurance can be. So we scoured the market to find the very best dental insurance plans available in the nation. All to get you the best dental coverage possible, at the lowest possible price.

  • We offer traditional PPO Dental plans with co-pays and coinsurance as well as Fixed Indemnity plans with no restrictions on providers, no co-pays and no deductibles. In a simple transaction, the dental insurance you receive is guaranteed issue. Better yet? There’s no waiting period for basic and preventative services in any of our service plans. That’s right: By next week, you can be on your way to having a squeaky clean smile.




Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and the future of your loved ones.

  • Term Life

  • Universal & Indexed Universal Life

  • Whole Life

  • Single Premium Life

  • Simpified Issue

  • Final Expense-Burial Insurance


  • No matter which type of policy you choose, having life insurance assures that your family will have financial support should the unexpected occur. Don’t wait – request your personalized life insurance quotes now.

  • Life insurance covers the financial needs of your loved ones in the event that something unfortunate should happen to you. Obtaining life insurance is one of the most important things you can do to create financial security for your dependents. We work with you to calculate how much life insurance you need to protect your family and help you decide which type of policy is best for you.

The purpose of Catastrophic is to supplement additional needs you may require after being diagnosed with a debilitating illness.

  • Will assist to pay for mortgage, car, etc. if you were unable to work. 

  • Allows you to NOT touch your savings or 401K.

  • Helps to pay for unexpected caregiver expenses. 

  • Helps to meet any medical services that may not have been covered by health coverage. 


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Critical illness and accidents occur every second of every day! With the right supplemental coverage, these situations are paid for when you need it most. Below are some examples of what our supplemental plans may help cover:

  • Insurance deductible

  • Medical bills

  • Rent/Mortgage

  • Car payments

  • Groceries


  • Or whatever else you typically pay for. With supplemental health insurance coverage, you can rest assured that if a rainy day comes along, we’ll toss you the umbrella. Don’t wait another day. Request a supplemental health insurance quote now to see how beneficial our supplemental health insurance plans can be.


The insurance protection you need when you're traveling.

  • Health coverage that a person might have in the United States does not cover you on a cruise or any other out of the country activities.

  •  Covers ship's doctor if needed.  

  • Different levels of coverage will bay flight to the closest hospital or back to the United States.

  • Coverage is specific to the date of departure and date of return.




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