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We are health insurance advisers whose goal is to make affordable health care accessible to everyone. We take our client's health care needs and figure out how to cover them from every angle while staying within their budget. In other words, we make low cost, zero out-of-pocket medical insurance a reality. We help clients with unique solutions to the country's most critical problem. We are committed to helping families, individuals and groups get the absolute best health insurance coverage for their unique needs. Only one agent will contact you to talk about your specific situation – promise.

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Shannon McElhaney

"We make health insurance suck less!"

Shannon McElhaney is the proud of owner of Your Healthcare Solutions. Shannon had originally started in underground construction in 2010. As a single mom, Shannon had put herself through construction management school, graduated with a Bachelors in Science for Construction management. Shannon knew it wasn't her calling, decided she wanted to stop destroying nature and the environment and find her personal way to give back to the community by making health insurance "suck less" and

"Robin Hood" with the large insurance corporations. Shannon was first licensed in Florida, and then grew to become licensed all across the country. Her goal is to put more money into our clients pockets than the insurance carriers. In the future, we plan to begin a non-profit elderly dog rescue, providing them with the care they need at the end of their life. In a sense, do all the tedious work no one else wants to do to take care of the needy dogs; just like taking care of the claims battles humans have with their insurance companies, and fix as much as we can, that you hate about health insurance. Shannon and the Your Healthcare Solutions team is the best option for getting affordable coverage that you are happy with!

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